UK Compliance Reports

Under the Voluntary Agreement, each Signatory is required to submit a yearly Product Compliance Report (PCR) to an independent third-party for each of its games consoles models in scope to verify their compliance.

A Signatory may reference the previous year's Compliance Report if there were no changes to the console design for the following year.

Based on its review of the Product Compliance Reports, the Independent Inspector (Intertek) produces an Annual Compliance Report (ACR).

Product Compliance Reports (PCR)

Annual Compliance Reports (ACR)

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List of compliant products covered for the last reporting period:

  • Nintendo Switch, Model number: HAC-001(-01)
  • Nintendo Switch OLED, Model number: HEG-001
  • PlayStation®4, Model number: CUH-2216
  • PlayStation®5, Model number: CFI-1016A
  • PlayStation®5 Digital Edition, Model number: CFI-1016B
  • PlayStation®5, Model number: CFI-1116A
  • PlayStation®5 Digital Edition, Model number: CFI-1116B
  • Xbox Series X, Model: 1882
  • Xbox Series S, Model: 1883